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July 26, 2008
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April 12, 2008
New Orleans, LA

July 28, 2007
Atlanta, GA


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Men's Wellness

Women's Wellness

Clinical and scientific evidence demonstrate that basic diseases which afflict both women and men are the same: cardiovascular diseases, cancers, musculoskeletal problems, diabetes, mental illness, sensory impairments, sexual health, and infectious diseases and their sequelae.  Although trends, rates and specific disease types may differ between men and women, it is as important to consider the complexity of roles, norms, values, responsibilities, freedoms and limitations, and their bearing on health and health seeking behavior and research.

S-THRIVE (Sustained Translation of Health Risk and Interventions to SurVive through Education) is a health and wellness initiative comprised of two component programs: STRIVE (Sustaining Translation of health Risk and Interventions to SurVive through Education) a men’s health and wellness program, and THRIVE (Translating Health Risk and Interventions to SurVive through Education) a women’s health and wellness program.  The Initiative is developed to address disease management and health related issues within respective gender-based populations through consumer and professionally focused educational and informational programs.  Each program within the Initiative is developed to promote awareness about risk factors, prevention, treatment, research, policy, and advocacy.  Program content is created for participating cities to engage public, private, non-profit, and faith-based and community sectors to:

  • stimulate research participation;
  • identify, motivate, educate, empower, and join communities; and
  • create sustainable health and wellness collaborative programs.


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