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July 26, 2008
St. Louis, MO

April 12, 2008
New Orleans, LA

July 28, 2007
Atlanta, GA


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Men's Wellness

Women's Wellness

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The programs within the Initiative are developed in collaboration with professional and consumer communities. The Initiative seeks to create academic, private, public and community partnerships that bring together organizations and individuals whose participation demonstrates that intense community involvement can produce dynamic interaction between the program and community.  The programs are developed to measure the benefit derived from participating in these activities, the level of understanding about health, family history, and gauge interest levels in participating in clinical research.

The THRIVE program is developed to examine how women may be affected differently by disease symtomology and to discuss the uniqueness of diseases and conditions in women.  STRIVE  will address contributing health factors in the gap in men’s life expectancy and the culture of being male-glorified risky behaviors, values, power, entitlement, and control.  Each of these programs seeks as a core aim to measure changes in awareness, visibility of information, and to generate momentum about health and wellness.

The Initiative takes advantage of an organizational structure which engages community participation through development and implementation of the programs to:

  • create a sustainable community core of identified health information disseminating leadership;
  • provide a forum for discussions around therapeutic and issues-related areas;
  • provide lay and professional educational programming;
  • present information focused on general health and wellness; specific therapeutic areas, health policy, research, and advocacy issues;
  • gather information around actual versus perceived risks and behaviors; and where applicable,
  • conduct community-wide risk screenings.
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